A bit about us

We are a Kiwi start-up passionate about digitising and simplifying the records and admin associated with having a pet.

We had the original idea for Paws Passport at the end of 2018.


We started off with the aim of creating a digital Pet CV full of information that landlords and property managers actually wanted to see. We talked to landlords, property managers and renters with pets across the country and thought why stop there?! There’s so many other areas where owning a pet means you have more hoops to jump through and admin to complete.

We realised outdated and in some cases, paper based records and admin was taking some of the joy out of having a furry family member. It's 2020  - we don't need to keep doing this.


That's when it hit us: simplify and digitise! 


No more forms. No more time wasted hunting around for your pet’s paper records.

Have more time to focus on what's really important - your furry family member of course!!!

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