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There are so many aspects of 'pet ownership' that are outdated, tedious and paper based.


For example, think of your furry family member's paper Vaccination Book from the Vet:

  • We're still physically taking it to certain vet appointments.

  • And keeping it somewhere safe at home.

  • And trying to remember where we put it.

  • And failing to remember where we put it. 

  • Than having to spend time trying to physically find it!


This is just one example of the time consuming and painful admin that pet parents go through. 

Surely there's a better way - it's 2020 after all!  

​Here at Paws Passport we want to take the admin and hassle out of having a furry family member!


What's in it for me?

Through streamlining and digitising the 'pet ownership' experience, we cut down the time consuming admin that pet parents experience.  This leaves you more time to focus on what's really important - your furry family member of course!!! 


Imagine having one stylish, digital place where all your furry family member's important information is stored. You can access and edit this information 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Better yet, you can seamlessly share this information with:

  • landlords and property managers

  • kennels and catteries

  • house sitters

  • holiday accommodation providers

  • And many more!


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We expect to go live in July/August 2020.

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We really believe in our mission and our product.

We want to help pet parents and we would be honoured to help you.


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