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Free holiday accommodation for pet lovers

With discussions about a Tasman Bubble being formed, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is EXCITED to start planning an Aussie trip! But.... travel can be expensive with accommodation costs adding a significant amount. I've outgrown hostels - I'm too old and my standards are too high! So where else can you stay? Air BnBs, Hotels, Motels - but they come at a price.

Usually I'll try and stay at an Air BnB because having a proper kitchen saves money in other ways. Plus the experience seems more 'local', more authentic. However, Air BnB can be expensive with those admin and cleaning fees etc.

Well, I'm excited to share I have found a way for you to stay FOR FREE in an Air BnB type set-up AND you get to hang out with a furry friend during your stay. I'm talking about house sitting and I'm excited to say it's more of a thing over the ditch. We've captured the best places to find and secure a house sitting assignment for your next Aussie trip. CRIKEY!

1. Aussie House Sitters

Aussie House Sitters boasts the largest number of new houses listed every month. Now home owners can list their house sitting assignment for free. To be a house sitter you need to pay to register on the site. At the moment, they are having a special where you get 18 months for $84 AU (about $90 NZ). Usually this price is for 12 months only. Not bad when you consider this price is cheaper than one night's accommodation at most venues.

The cool thing about this site is that once you are registered, home owners can contact you directly. That means you don't have to actively apply for house sitting assignments to be seen or considered. In fact the majority of placements are done through home owners directly contacting house sitters so it's well worth spending some time sprucing your profile.

2. Mind a Home

When you arrive at the Mind a Home Australia homepage, you'll immediately be able to see listings of house sitters and home owners. As you don't have to register to see home owner listings, you can find a suitable assignment before spending money on joining. To join, you pay $59 AU (about $63 NZ) to register for 12 months.

When you're looking at the listings, they not only show the start and end dates but also how many days each assignment is. Mind a Home does require you to undertake a Police Check in order to register. For us in NZ, this means getting a Police Check done here and then providing this to Mind a Home. Again, house owners can contact you directly so it's well worth spending time on your profile. The better your profile, the more likely you are to get a house sitting assignment.

3. Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters is a bit different to the other companies mentioned above. Here home owners also pay a fee. In fact home owners and pet sitters pay the same fee - a whopping $139 NZ. If you're a home owner and a pet sitter you get a combined fee of $189 NZ. So what are the extras you are paying for? Well there's a a 24/7 vet advice line that sitters can call for free, insurance and this fee covers you for assignments based across the globe. The list of countries they operate in is long! They include: USA, UK, NZ, Canada, Germany, Fiji, Malta, Hong Kong and many more.

Trusted House Sitters focus on providing both home owners and sitters with assurance for their assignment through reviews, verification and wrap-around service support. If you're wanting an extra level of security and support or if you are planning on travelling to numerous countries over the year, then this site is worth a look.

Enjoy your Aussie holiday!

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