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3 tips for travelling with your furry family member

It is great to be able to take the WHOLE family on holiday! With Level 2 in place from tomorrow, domestic tourism is back on the cards! I don't know about anyone else but I am soooo ready for a trip! Whether you choose a tourist hotspot like Rotorua or Queenstown or somewhere more off the beaten, tourist track there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Finding pet friendly accommodation

Well I'm glad to say this is pretty easy! I remember looking a couple of years ago and it was a nightmare! Thankfully, pet friendly accommodation has gone pretty mainstream. You will want to read the fine print though as some have an outside only condition and where's the fun in that?! Poor Fido spending his whole holiday in the backyard - no thank you!

The top sites to find pet friendly accommodation are:

  • Book a Bach - filter on pets allowed under House Rules when searching

  • Holiday Houses - type in pet friendly in Key Words under the search filter

  • Air BnB - filter on pets allowed under House Rules when searching

The links above have already been filtered to display pet friendly accommodation.

2. Travel sickness?

How is your dog in the car? Are they calm and comfortable or is it an upsetting experience? Do they get car sick? You don't want to get your holiday off to a stressful start by having an unhappy traveller. Remember there's a big difference between a 10 minute drive and a 3 hour drive.

If you haven't taken your dog in the car for an extended period before, stay closer to home. Have a test trip! We all, including your furry family member, want to relax on holiday.

3. Packing for your pup

Being in a new environment can be stressful for your dog. It's important to give your dog time to explore their new surroundings and sniff all the things! Bringing along their favourite toys and items they are familiar with will make this new place seem more like home.

You don't need to pack the kitchen sink - just a few, choice items. With all the holiday excitement, don't forget the essentials like your dog's food and their lead. If you plan on going for longer walks, make sure you take a pet water bottle to keep them hydrated.

We hope you enjoy your travels as a WHOLE family!

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