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Do you really need a Pet CV?

Finding a rental property that allows pets is HARD!!! Funny thing is, the majority of renters with pets are fabulous tenants! They take good care of rental properties because they don't want to move. Staying longer, landlords have their rental income guaranteed for longer. They don't need to worry about having a vacant property that's not earning rent or spending time and money finding the next tenants. Still, the majority of houses for rent are not pet friendly. That means there's less supply and high demand.

Here at Paws Passport we have talked to landlords and property managers across the country about renting with pets. The one thing they all agree on? You need a Pet CV.

It is no exaggeration to say that everyone in the industry we has spoken to has recommended this. Landlords want it, property managers want it.

If you don't have one, you are hurting your chances of securing a property. Plain and simple. If you want to secure a rental property, you must attach one to your rental application. Otherwise Fido, the well trained, quiet and friendly dog is JUST FIDO. The landlord doesn't know Fido. She doesn't know anything about Fido but she needs to. So she starts to make assumptions and assumptions can really hurt your application.

It's taken you such a long time to actually find a suitable place why, with the finish line in sight, would you leave it up to chance?

Close the deal and attach a Pet CV.

Now remember the landlord or property manager does not want to adopt Fido. They don't want to see a million photos of Fido doing cute things. Their interest in Fido is limited to how he behaves and what impact he may have on the property. To make an effective Pet CV you need to keep this in mind. Only include information the landlord or property manager is interested in.

As we've been talking to landlords and property managers we've collected this info and have put it in a template that is free to download. Simply visit our Pet CV page.

We are currently working on a more thorough, digital version which you will be able to access and edit 24/7 and share seamlessly with landlords and property managers. If you're interested in this, please join our product waitlist on our homepage. All we need is your first name and email and we will let you know when our product is live. We won't spam you.

Here's to more pet friendly properties in 2020!

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