• Sarah Minotti

How do landlords and property managers 'check' my pet?

So you've found rental you like AND they are open to pets - YAY! It might come as a shock but your furry family member will be vetted - perhaps even more than you are!

There is no standard process across the industry for vetting pets. Some landlords may be happy with just a Pet CV and trust that you will manage your pet appropriately. Others will want to do a more thorough check.

Property management companies, especially the bigger ones, usually have well documented and thorough vetting processes.

These can include:

  • checking your pet is registered with the local authority and micro chipped

  • calling your previous landlord and asking about your pet

  • talking to your vet or trainer about your pet

  • meeting your pet in person

Whichever vetting process the landlord or property manager uses, you want to make sure you're ready to provide all the necessary details. You want to make this process EASY and pain free for the landlord or property manager. A thorough Pet CV is a great way to do this!

Remember a Pet CV is not a fluffy way to introduce your pet to potential landlords and property managers. A good Pet CV can be used as an aid for vetting or reference checking your pet. Saving you and the landlord or property manager valuable time and energy.

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