• Sarah Minotti

Pet tech?

Ever wondered what clever technology is available for your pet? It's quite amazing really! We've pulled together a list of interesting pet tech to share with you.

iFetch Original Ball Launcher

Interested in outsourcing fetch? Well now you can. Your dog just needs to drop the ball back to the launcher and off it will go! This could be useful for entertaining your pet while you're out or if you've got a bad back!

Wi-fi or Cloud Controlled Feeders

There are many of these available now. They can deliver wet food, dry food and you can even buy a water fountain for your pet that filters the water! Most are able to share how much food or water your pet consumed and when. Some even have cameras so you can watch them while they eat.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Want to check-in while your pet is home alone? Maybe they are living somewhere else and you'd like to virtually visit them. Well you can! Much more techy than a simple Zoom with your pet, this camera shares video, audio and dispenses treats! If that's not a way to get your pet to pay attention to you, I don't know what is.

GPS Tracking

Again, there are quite a few companies offering this. Basically, it is a tracker that is attached to your pet's collar and shares with you where they have been. You can look back on the data to see where your pet goes or you can use it find your pet after they've gone MIA. Some products offer just GPS while others pair this with other functionalities. Think Fit Bit but for your pet. So you can see and track how much exercise they are getting, how well they're sleeping etc.

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