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Real talk: Samantha, Landlord, Otahuhu, Auckland

We talked to Samantha who rents her home to people with pets. She also has a pet and rents herself. Here's what she had to say.

Did you have any concerns renting to people with pets?

Yes, we had some concerns but we also had pets and had to rent. We knew how hard it was to rent with pets so wanted to help someone else in the same situation and really give them a chance.

How’d it go?

It went really well - no problems at all. When we moved back in I did wish they had had the carpet cleaned as we always did this when we rented. I know this isn't expected or enforced under the tenancy laws in NZ but I do feel homes with pets should have this done. With the likes of grab one and other deal sites it can be done relatively cheaply.

What advice would you give to other property managers or landlords considering renting to people with pets?

A good tenant will also have good pets or be responsible for damage caused by pets. A bad tenant will be a bad tenant whether its just them or them and pets. I think, given the opportunity, a pet owner will be a grateful tenant and are more likely to stay long term!

I also feel tenants with pets take extra care of the property to ensure they can stay at the rental property or get a good reference if they need to move. We all know finding a rental property is hard when you have pets.

Animals bring such joy and a responsible pet owner should not be faced with having to give up a much loved pet for somewhere to live.

What advice would you give to renters with pets looking to secure a rental property?

Finding a rental property when you have a pet is hard, its really hard! I recommend being flexible on location and being a genuine, good person. If your pet causes damage step up and talk to the landlord and get it fixed. Don't try to find gaps or loopholes in the law to make the landlord liable for costs. And of course, shampoo/clean the carpet!

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