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Renting with pets - why?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

With rising house prices and increased pet ownership rates - renting with pets is becoming a reality for more and more people. BUT renting with pets in New Zealand can be tough!

About 35% of NZ households are living in rental accommodation and the number of houses being rented has been increasing faster than the number of owner-occupied dwellings. Renting seems to be growing. And so too is pet ownership.

New Zealand has the second highest pet ownership rates in the world!

According to Companion animals in New Zealand 2016 report 64% of Kiwi households have at least one companion animal while in the US 65% of households have at least one companion animal. In NZ, our companion animal is most likely to be a cat (44% of households), with dogs coming in next (28% of households).

According to more recent dog registration data, New Zealand is home to over 560,500 registered dogs. This equates to one in nine people owning a registered dog - roughly every third household.

People with pets end up renting for a multitude of reasons. Some add pets to their family while they’re renting while some welcome pets to their family in their own home but then circumstances change and they need to rent.

This is what happened to me.

We welcomed Lily, our SPCA cat, to our home which we owned outside of Wellington. Due to career opportunities, we moved from there to renting in Auckland. From talking to other renters with pets, another common scenario seeing people go from house ownership to renting was after a marriage break-up.

No matter what the circumstances – pets become part of the family, part of your family.

You simply can't imagine leaving them behind. You shouldn't have to.

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