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The perks of sharing your pet

Most of us have started to head back to the office and are increasingly working away from home. This means a lot of our pets who got used to having us around 24/7, will also be adjusting to a new routine. With this change, you may worry your pet may get lonely, bored or is not getting enough exercise. If those thoughts have crossed your mind, you might want to consider sharing your pet.

To delve deeper into pet sharing we reached out to Lili at Share my Pet.

Share my Pet was created in 2017 and gives people without pets the opportunity to experience the joy of pets without the commitment of owning one.

What is pet sharing?

Pet sharing is where people with pets (pet owners) share their pet with others (pet carers). Pet owners and potential carers are matched online. After discussing what the sharing arrangement may look like, pet owners, the pet and potential carers meet in person to see how they all get on. Possible arrangements could be taking your dog for a walk while you’re at work. Having your dog come and stay at the carer’s house a night or so a week. Or anything in between.

At the heart of pet sharing is sharing the joy of having a pet with others. Other benefits include your pet gets more socialisation and has more activities available to them. You also meet pet loving people from your community who could become lifelong friends.

Thinking about adding a furry addition to your family? Pet sharing is a great option to learn more about a particular breed of animal or type of pet before you commit to your own. Spending time with a pet will help you make an informed decision about whether they suit your lifestyle and family dynamics.

Founders Lili and Dave hope pet sharing will result in a reduction of animals re-homed, neglected and dumped into animal shelters every year by offering people a chance to become more informed and experienced via pet sharing. Pet sharing can be a valuable way to teach kids about the responsibilities of looking after a pet too.

Who could I share my pet with?

People who love animals but just can’t have one in their life right now.

Think university students, renters, people who travel for work, older people, people living in NZ on a temporary basis. A lot of the time these people have had a pet previously so have the necessary pet related knowledge and skills for you to feel confident sharing your pet with them. Newbies to pet ownership who are willing to learn new skills and gain a better understanding of what responsible pet ownership is all about are also welcome to become pet carers.

Does it cost money?

Yes. Share my Pet offers membership for $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year. This is for both sharers and carers.

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